Weider Prime is a food supplement for men.

If you are taking any prescription medication we recommend that you purchase Weider Prime and consult your physician with the product before taking it. Weider Prime comes with a money back guarantee. There are no known negative side effects from taking the ingredients in Weider Prime. The Pharmacist is also a great resource to ask about any possible drug interactions.

Apart from the water used for extraction, the KSM-66 extraction process entails pre-treating the ashwagandha roots with milk. The pre-treatment is critical to the extraction process because this is in fact what leads to retention of both hydrophilic (water extracted) components and lipophilic (fat extracted) components of the raw root, which in turn leads to a full-spectrum extract of such high-potency. If any milk is left at all in the extract it is in very tiny quantities though we add it to our label as a precaution for those who may be extremely allergic to milk.

Weider Prime uses bovine based gelatin capsules.