Healthy Testosterone Support*

What is Weider Prime?

Weider Prime, thanks to its content in zinc, has become the best formula to maintain normal Testosterone levels and remains a top seller in the United States. After this success, Weider Prime arrives in Europe to set a turning point and become one of kind in its category of food supplements.

  • Contains Premium quality ingredients
  • With Ashwagandha and Cordyceps extracts
  • With Choline which contributes to a proper lipid metabolism.

Testosterone hormone is key to muscle mass development and maintenance and it has an impact in energy spending, our mood and libido. Testosterone levels may decrease due to external factors such as poor diet, stress, sleep deprivation or age. Low testosterone levels may also induce strength and muscle mass loss and even reduce our capacity to recover. 

Weider Prime

KSM-66™ Active ingredient backed by clinical studies

Weider Prime contains a patented Ashwaganda extract which guarantees its high quality and purity.

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A mushroom used for thousands of years by Chinese and Tibetan cultures as a medicinal extract. Cordyceps is believed was used by the 1992 Chinese Olympic team that won 16 gold, 22 silver and 16 bronze medals and broke 5 world records in the 1993 National Games.

Fat Metabolism

Chrome is a mineral that contributes to the normal metabolism of macronutrients and to maintaining normal blood sugar levels. Choline is an essential nutrient which supports the proper metabolism of lipids (fat).

Better absorption and high bioavailability: Bioperine®

Bioperine® is a patented black pepper extract which provides piperine of the highest quality among other active substances.

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Weider Prime is the result of two great brands. Built on Mdrive’s extensive science and Weider’s long-standing heritage for delivering great products.