Healthy Testosterone Support and Improved Physical Performance

What is Weider Prime?

Weider Prime is Weider’s top-selling pro-hormone formula in the USA for healthy support of testosterone levels. Because of its success in the States, we have adapted Weider Prime formula, so that our European customers can feel the difference. This 100% natural testosterone booster helps: 

  • Increase energy and vitality. 
  • Reduce body fat and build muscle mass. 
  • Improve physical performance and mental focus.

Weider Prime

KSM-66™ Active ingredient backed by clinical studies

In clinical testing, KSM-66™ promotes healthy testosterone levels within the normal range and cardiorespiratory endurance in men.

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An extremely effective and powerful life-enhancing mushroom used for thousands of years by Chinese and Tibetan cultures as a medicinal to improve energy, vitality, respiratory and immune function. Cordyceps is believed to have been instrumental in improving the athletic performance of the 1992 Chinese Olympic team that won 16 gold, 22 silver and 16 bronze medals and broke 5 world records in the 1993 National Games.

Fat Metabolism

Chromium is one of the enzymes involved in metabolizing nutrients from food and obtaining energy. Likewise, choline helps fats to metabolize correctly. Along with a proper diet and exercise, chromium and choline help to maintain one’s figure, reducing body fat and preserving muscle.

Better Nutrient Absorption

In clinical testing Bioperine® significantly enhanced the bioavailability of various nutrients.

Powered by Mdrive

Weider Prime is the result of two great brands. Built on Mdrive’s extensive science and Weider’s long-standing heritage for delivering great products. This partnership has created an effective men’s health testosterone supplement that’s designed to help men Refind Their Prime.